Centre Club

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Membership Classifications

The Centre Club offers the following Memberships – please inquire with the Membership Team for more information.

• Resident Membership
• Corporate Membership (companies with five or more Members)
• Young Executive Membership (under 40)
• Military
• Non-Resident Membership (work/live outside 50-mile radius of San Antonio


Initiation Fees:
Resident Membership: $2,500 - $500 until opening date is announced
Corporate*: $2,500 for first designee ($500 for each additional designee) - $500 for first designee, $100 for each additional designee until opening date is announced
*Minimum of 5 designees needed
Young Executive*: $1,250 - $250 until opening date is announced
*Individuals under 40 years of age
Military: $1,250 - $250 until opening date is announced
Non-Resident*: $1,000 - $250 until opening date is announced
*Must work/live outside 50 mile radius of San Antonio

Monthly Dues:

Resident Membership: $150 - $75 until Club opening
Corporate Membership: $150 - $75 until Club opening
Young Executive Membership: $100 - $50 until Club opening
Military: $100 - $50 until Club opening
Non-Resident: $100 - $50 until Club opening

Palmer Advantage Benefits Option:
Adding Palmer Advantage Benefits is an additional $50 per month.
Non-Resident Memberships are not eligible for Palmer Advantage Benefits.

To learn more, contact our Membership Director at paula.doris@mycentreclub.com.